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Cindy Wilson
I enjoy working with clients of many ages, cultural backgrounds, orientations, and world views.

Some of my clients enter therapy because traumas from the past continue to limit their lives in the present. Some are wrestling with identities their loved ones cannot understand, or with cultural backgrounds the larger society fails to honor. Some hope to clarify why a major life transition like graduating, or parenthood, or aging has thrown their ordered world into chaos. Still others are grieving losses, visible and invisible alike. I address issues of trauma and abuse, problematic relationships, attachment wounds, anxiety, and depression. I pay close attention to how each client's race, spirituality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, education, and socioeconomic status affects his or her life.

Regardless of what moves a person to seek help, I believe the point of therapy is to reduce the suffering that stems from feeling alone in the face of overwhelming emotion. Even clients with the most traumatic and painful pasts have benevolent guides within, "forces for self-righting," as Diana Fosha says, that enable them to recover from wounds, to grow new courage and resilience, and to create the coherent narratives that make sense of their lives.
Because I know every client has extraordinary capacities for healing, my role is to help create a state of integration, in which body, mind, and spirit are linked together in a felt sense of wellbeing.

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