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Cindy Wilson
My goal as a therapist is to help clients create lives that express who they truly are as whole and complex human beings. When we feel cut off from others or from ourselves, our innate sense of wholeness can get lost beneath unbearable aloneness. But psychotherapy can integrate the many parts of our brains and ourselves. This is a collaborative process that heals old wounds. It invites us to experience ourselves in new ways, within the relationship we build with a warm and compassionate therapist.

Therapy is a partnership, that can only grow in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance. It allows us to rediscover the parts of ourselves we had to disown as children in order to keep our caregivers close; to learn new skills to handle grief and distress; to build healthier, more nurturing relationships; and to gain access to our own direct experience of the world, perhaps for the first time. I nurture this collaboration with clients by recognizing that each individual possesses the wisdom he or she needs, as well as the innate capacity to love, to connect, and to thrive.
I see the work clients and therapists do together as a celebration of and reconnection to the deep selves within us all. I know from experience that coming to rest on the true ground of our being - the amazing moments when something inside says, "Yes, this is me!" - is the most powerful source of healing and growth.

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